Capturing our imagination

Capturing our imagination
Ethos Large Buyout Fund VI

Early last year, Ethos identified Nampak’s corrugate division as a business requiring lift.

“The business was two-dimensional,” recalls Richard Fienberg, Ethos’ Value-Add Partner. “While robust and reputable, it lacked vitality and purpose.”

Due diligence confirmed significant opportunities to stimulate innovation and inject fresh thinking into customer orientation and manufacturing excellence.

However, key to realising our strategic ambition was the introduction of executive leadership. We sought expansive thinkers and found Kevin Clayton and Brian Jacobs to shape and implement the operational strategy.

“Our approach shifted from thinking about the box to believing we could animate it,” Richard added.

Together, we share a vision of a revitalised, innovative packaging company “Neopak”.

Our growth agenda will lift Neopak to new heights. Consequently, we intend to expand the horizons of customers, suppliers and employees.

Thinking differently about the ordinary pushes boundaries. Institutionalising innovation drives long-term success.

That’s why we encourage our teams and management to think detail and dream big.