Seeing things differently

Last year, Ethos identified latent opportunity within Nampak’s Tissue division. Following a comprehensive due diligence process, we saw something that others didn’t.

We saw loyalty.

Employee loyalty and – critically – customer loyalty to the iconic South African Twinsaver brand.
Loyalty can’t be bought, which is why we sought to invest behind it.

Hence, Ethos pursued an acquisition based on the conviction that we could amplify past successes by injecting new leadership capacity, strategy and resources. Vitally, we also envisaged a new strategic direction: the shift from a packaging, manufacturing-led company to a consumer-led, FMCG brand powerhouse.

Our belief in this vision was so compelling that we were able to attract and appoint seasoned executives Garth Towell, Joanne Gould and Dion de Graaff to lead this revitalisation, alongside Ethos’ established value-add team.

Excitingly, the first, transformatory step has already been taken: the rebranding of the business to The TwinCare Group: a name that encapsulates our stated vision of retaining the best of the past while focusing on the opportunities of the future.

As Ethos partner, Shaun Zagnoev summarised: “Today we are buying machines and products. Tomorrow we are investing in people and brands.”

Our sights are firmly set on converting TwinCare’s potential into reality.

Ultimately, seeing is believing.