Investor Relations

Ethos invests on behalf of a wide range of organisations

Ethos has in excess of US$1 billion under management and invests on behalf of clients based around the world, ranging in size and type. A significant proportion of our clients are corporate and public pension funds seeking to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns over the long-term. 

Listing on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (ticker: ETC), Ethos Capital provides listed equity investors with exposure to the diversified portfolio of private equity investments managed by Ethos. 

Rohan Dyer

Ethos invests on behalf of a wide range of organisations across the globe. These investors, known as Limited Partners (“LPs”) comprise leading: 

  • Public and corporate retirement funds 
  • Fund-of-Funds 
  • Sovereign wealth funds 
  • Endowments 
  • Family offices and high-net worth individuals 
  • Development financial institutions (DFIs) 
  • Since Ethos Fund III (1996), all of our Funds incorporate local and international commitments.

The ultimate beneficiaries of Ethos’ investment programmes are millions of current and future policyholders and pensioners. 

Ethos never loses sight of the fact that it manages other people’s money.  By growing the businesses in which we invest, Ethos consistently strives to achieve the best long-term risk-adjusted returns. 

Investors choose to partner with Ethos because it is a leading firm in sub-Saharan Africa and provide investors with access to a dynamic private equity environment with emerging market growth characteristics.  

Ethos is currently capital raising for Ethos Fund VII, and Ethos Ai Fund I. 

Ethos provides our investors with world-class reporting, enabling a continuous flow of information, financial reports, face-to-face presentations and regular emails and conference calls to keep LPs up-to-date with new developments at Ethos and its portfolio companies. 

Prospective and existing investors with any enquiries should contact Rohan Dyer, Head of Investor Relations. 

Composition of large equity funds: Ethos Fund III-VI Commitments by Investor Type

  • Pension Funds (43%)
  • DFIs and SWFs (24%)
  • Insurance Co's (14%)
  • Fund of Funds (14%)
  • Charities/Foundations/Family Office (3%)
  • Investment Banks (2%)

Composition of large equity funds: Ethos Fund III-VI Commitments by Investor Geography

  • US (36%)
  • South Africa (34%)
  • Asia (19%)
  • Europe (6%)
  • Canada (5%)