Strong corporate governance is critical to maintaining our high Ethos standards. Ethos is governed by four key entities: Board of Directors, Executive Committee, Investment Committee and Risk & Controls Committee.

Ethos: Governance
  • Board of Directors
    Ethos’ Board of Directors is chaired by non-executive Chairman, Peter MagezaAndre Roux is a non-executive director, together with Kabelo Rikhotso – 
    representatives from our strategic investors, RMI and RIM.  Executive directors are Stuart MacKenzieCraig Dreyer, and Sonja De Bruyn. The Board is responsible for overall firm strategy. 

  • Executive Committee
    The Executive Committee (“Exco”
    ) is responsible for the management of Ethos business, including investment performance and returns, resource allocation and investment priorities, risk management, investor relations, communications and human capital. 
  • Investment Committee
    Each Ethos Fund has an Investment Committee responsible for advising its funds under management on investment decisions and the overall monitoring of the funds’ investments.

  • Risk and Controls Committee
    The Ethos Risk and Controls Committee is chaired by independent Chairman, Johnny Symmonds.  The Risk and Controls Committee provides independent oversight of the Ethos financial processes as well as risk monitoring within the Ethos Group.

Rigorous internal policies and guidelines reduce the instances when conflicts of interest arise and address conflicts that do arise in a way that protects and deals fairly with the interests of all stakeholders.

Ethos’ investment professionals represent the interests of Limited Partners’ funds under management and monitor the on-going performance of investee companies, providing support and advice when necessary.